College Placement


Confident Next Steps

The transition from high school to college is equally exciting and challenging and we assist students and their families every step of the way. While most of our students enroll in a college or university after graduation, we recognize that attending college is not the right path for every student. The goal of our college advising program is to facilitate a process of self-reflection, personal growth, and thoughtful decision-making that leads to a fulfilling next step in education.

The process starts in 9th grade and is continued throughout high school. During counseling meetings with our college advisor, students and their parents are given resources in selecting a college that best matches their interests, strengths, needs, and goals. We encourage college-bound students to take the PSAT, ACT, and the SAT. By focusing on strengths and academic passion, students identify colleges where they can thrive.

I did not aspire to go to college before I came to The University School. I knew I was smart, but I did not think I was college material. The teachers taught me how to be more organized and confident in the classroom. I graduated and am now a second year student at Denver University.

College Placement

Albion College                                               American University              

Arizona State University                               Bard College                  

Boston College                                             Carnegie Mellon University 

Chatham University                                      Clarion University              

Colby College                                               Davsi-Elkins College          

Denison University                                       Denver University

Dickinson University                                     Edinboro University            

Embry-Riddel Aeronautical                          Gannon University            

Green Mountain College                              Hamilton College                      

Harvard University                                       Kent State University          

Kenyon College                                           Kentucky University          

 LaRoche University                                    Marquette University                  

New York University                                   Northeastern University              

Penn State University                                Point Park University          

Seton Hill College                                      Skidmore College

Marquette University                                 New York University                  

Northeastern University                            Penn State University        

The Art Institute of Chicago                     Seton Hill College  

Skidmore College                                    Slippery Rock University

Smith College                                          Theil College

The University of Colorado                     The University of Connecticut

The University of Hawaii                         The University of Pittsburgh

The University of South Carolina           The University of Wisconsin  

West Liberty College                              Westminster College                          

Wooster College                                     Slippery Rock University