Personalized Learning

No matter how you learn, we have a place for you.

Not every student learns the same; therefore, instruction must be differentiated to aid students in realizing their unique academic potential. Our students demonstrate strong academic ability, are committed to learning beyond the classroom, and attend a four-year university upon graduation. 30% of our students have a diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, or an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our Special Education Instructor works closely with school districts and families to properly implement an Individualized Education Plan or Education Plan. We currently contract with 9 school districts across Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. We would be happy to connect you with participating school districts who can share their success stories about collaborating with our school.

Our college-preparatory curriculum and environment offer students the following:

  • An interdisciplinary approach 
  • Encourages students to think creatively, critically, and freely
  • Helps students to set realistic academic and personal goals
  • Designs a developmental, sequential approach in which expectations and responsibilities increase and tasks become more complex as students transition from high school to college
  • Capitalizes on the school’s small setting to deliver effective and creative teaching
  • Provides 1:1 instruction if needed
  • Incorporates experiential opportunities in the community
  • Cultivates confidence, discovery, imagination and joy in learning
  • Collects data to ensure student progress
  • Works closely with community providers to provide consistent, therapeutic support to students
  • Offers individualized social skill instruction to students who qualify
  • Partners with outside therapeutic professionals and programs to support student’s’ emotional health and help to foster the balance between learning and life.