We see YOU

Do you ever feel like you and your teacher are on different teams? We believe in hard work and exceeding goals, but we also believe in accomplishing these things in a way that helps each individual student flourish. Most importantly, we want to do all of this together. That’s why our students feel comfortable with our teachers. That’s why it feels like you’re having a conversation, not struggling through a lecture. At The University School, you’re not just another face in the hall or body in a seat. We see you.

Personalized Learning in Action

Experiential, Student- Focused

While students may have never experienced a school like ours before, they quickly learn that The University School experience provides the social, emotional, and organizational skills needed to be successful in the classroom and for achieving personal goals.

The University School is a Private Academic High School licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our college preparatory curriculum advances students to their next steps – whether that step is college, a technical school, or something else entirely.

Our faculty embraces the diverse learning styles of our students, and therefore, the curriculum is tailored to help students achieve academic and personal goals. We also believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. Therefore, once per month, our students participate in service learning opportunities and volunteer with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh.

Students learn best when they are awake, focused, and able to concentrate; that is why our academic day starts at 9:00 a.m. Research demonstrates that high-school students who start their day earlier are sleep-deprived and their ability to focus and learn is impaired.

Grade 9 Curriculum
Algebra I


English I

Spanish I

Social Studies

Grade 10 Curriculum


English II

Spanish II

World History/World Cultures

Grade 11 Curriculum
Algebra II

Conceptual Physics

English III

Creative Writing

United States History

Grade 12 Curriculum
Algebra III/Trigonometry


English IV

College Writing


Advanced Geometry



Advanced Biology

Advanced Chemistry

Advanced Physics


Art Education *all students participate in Art

This is our recommended curriculum but this is adapted for students based on need

Electronic Gradebook

Our instructors use Google Classroom to share pertinent course information with parents and students.