The University School


The University School is committed to the integration of the educational, personal, developmental and social growth of our students.  Our integrative approach to education and professional commitment to high academic achievement enables each student to grow into an independent and confident young adult.

Along with our recognition for differences in learning abilities, emotional intelligence, and mental growth, we believe that social and physical development does not necessarily progress at the same rate as intellectual development. Therefore, our curriculum is designed to challenge students of all learning styles; our staff differentiates instruction to meet the needs of all learning styles.

The University School offers students a community of learning where positive relationships and a small teacher to student ratio unlocks the academic and personal potential in every student.


All students can succeed through rigorous academic planning, personalized instruction, and small student to teacher ratio.

Core Values

To develop in the students a sense of community.

Students are immersed in a community that fosters acceptance and understanding of each student by instructors and fellow students alike. Students experience the benefits of cooperative effort and active participation and are encouraged to recognize and develop qualities of leadership. Social responsibility is the natural corollary to developing leadership potential and instilling a sense of community, concern, and service to others.

To develop in the student an appreciation of the continued pursuit of knowledge.

Students are encouraged to participate in the school’s atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, to cultivate competent habits of logical thoughts and systematic inquiry, and to develop their ability to deal with life’s practical realities.

To develop in the student an appreciation of culture.

Students are assisted in becoming young adults of culture—receptive to beauty, truth, and goodness – possessing taste and social grace.

To develop in the student an appreciation of physical well-being.

Students are taught the principles of good health and physical fitness, which are encouraged to acquire a sense of pride and confidence.