When we say “for YOU”, we mean it

Guiding Principles


Celebrate Different Learning Styles

The University School recognizes that each student learns differently and at a different pace. Our personalized instruction is guided by the needs of our students while adhering to national standards.


Acknowledging, Supporting, & Strengthening the Whole Student

The University School fosters social emotional growth alongside academic development through evidence-based accommodations & interventions.


Promote Policies, Practices, and Programs for an Inclusive Community

The University School is committed to developing a culture that will enhance, encourage, and foster effective student participation in a diverse and inclusive community.


Student Centered Classroom

The University School celebrates self-expression and aims to provide student choice for demonstrating learned material or meeting an instructional goal.


Forward Thinking and Positive Change

The University School combines patience and understanding with innovation to nurture the development and academic growth of non-traditional learners.


A Culture of Mutual Respect

The University School staff believes that a strong relationship between the teacher and the student creates more opportunity for academic growth. Additionally, peer relationships built on a tone of trust and respect will further support The University School vision.

“The University School has been a godsend for our daughter. The school, its staff, teachers and community have provided exactly what she would have never found at any other school in this city, the support she needed plus the confidence to learn and explore. Prior to attending the University School, she did not feel as if she were smart or could “do” school. She had floated from school to school until we finally found her home at the University School.” —Parent